Zurn Z1440 Floor Cleanout Ferrule with Countersunk Plug

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Zurn Z1440 Floor Cleanout with Countersunk Plug

Zurn Z1440 Floor Cleanout Ferrule with Countersunk Plug.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dura-Coated cast iron body with ABS Plug
  • Gas and watertight tapered thread plug
  • Bronze plug option available 

Engineering Specification:

Cleanout with Dura-Coated cast iron body, with gas and watertight ABS or Bronze (-BP) tapered thread plug.

Technical Documentation:

Zurn Z1440 Specification Submittal: Click Here.

Zurn Z1440 DXF Drawing File: Click Here.

Zurn Z1440 BIM / 3D Models and 2D DXF Drawings: Click Here.

Product Codes:

Z1440-2NH, Z1440-3NH, Z1440-4NH, Z1440-6NH, Z1440-8NH, Z1440-10NH, Z1440-12NH, Z1440-2NH-BP, Z1440-3NH-BP, Z1440-4NH-BP, Z1440-6NH-BP, Z1440-8NH-BP, Z1440-10NH-BP, Z1440-12NH-BP, Z-1440-2NH, Z-1440-3NH, Z-1440-4NH, Z-1440-6NH, Z-1440-8NH, Z-1440-10NH, Z-1440-12NH, Z-1440-2NH-BP, Z-1440-3NH-BP, Z-1440-4NH-BP, Z-1440-6NH-BP, Z-1440-8NH-BP, Z-1440-10NH-BP, Z-1440-12NH-BP.


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