Zurn P6000-HW6 Hardwired Power Converter for 6VDC Flush Valves and Faucets

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Zurn P6000-HW6 Hardwired Power Converter for 6VDC Flush Valves and Faucets ENGINEERING SPECIFICATION: ZURN P6000-HW6 Power Converter - The Hardwired Power Converter is a 7.6 VDC regulated, 2.0A power supply that will operate up to: (8) ZEMS Sensors/Actuators, (8) ZESS Sensors/Solenoids, (8) 6VDC sensor faucets, or (8) Pint Urinal valves. The P6000-HW6 shown above is integrated into a 4-11/16" x 4-11/16" electrical box. The 120VAC input connections are terminated within the 4-11/16" square electrical box. The 7.6 VDC output terminals are externally mounted to the cover plate.

Notes: 1. Current P6000-HW6 product (indicated in photo) part number 200097001 replaces discontinued part number 81022001 and installation methods differ. 2. New configuration product, as shown, is shipped integrated within a 4-11/16" x 2-1/8" enclosure. 3. Mounting hardware (AC inlet conduit/cable clamp and enclosure-frame mounting screws) are NOT provided. 4. Low voltage output terminals are now external to the enclosure.

Typical Rough-In: 120 VAC is routed in conduit to the P6900-HW6 and the AC inlet connections are terminated within the assembly. The low voltage DC output connections are terminated externally and depending upon the installation area, appropriate cable/conductor insulation must be selected to meet local codes (conduit not required for the low voltage output conductor paths).

Zurn P6000-HW6 Specification Submittal: Click Here.

Zurn P6000-HW6 Installation Instructions: Click Here.

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