Sterling J31R04091 ODP Unit Heater Fan Motor

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Sterling J31R04091 ODP Unit Heater Fan Motor

Sterling J31R04091 ODP (Open Drip Proof) Unit Heater Fan Motor for GG / TF / RF / SF / QVF / QVEF / QVSF Series.


  • GG060, GG075
  • TF060, TF075
  • RF060, RF075
  • SF060, SF075
  • QVF100
  • QVEF100
  • QVSF100
  • TF090, RF090* (For units Mfd. AFTER Nov. 2006 use P/N *J31R04092)


  • Different years of production may required a different ODP Fan Motor. If you are unsure if this is the replacement fan motor you required, please contact us, and we will verify. Please provide us with the serial number so we may assist you faster.

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