Sioux Chief 696-2313WF OxBox™ Washing Machine Outlet Box with MiniRester™ Water Hammer Arresters, ½" PEX F1960 Connection

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Sioux Chief 696-2313WF OxBox™ Washing Machine Outlet Box with MiniRester™ Water Hammer Arresters, ½" PEX F1960 Connection.

Features & Benefits:

  • Boxes mount securely to stud or over studs
  • Separates supply and drainage systems into two stud bays
  • Separate boxes offer flexible layout
  • Durable ABS stands up to job site abuse
  • Drain knockout is easy to remove with pliers
  • With two MiniRester water hammer arresters
  • Debris covers included to protect boxes from drywall mud and paint
  • High-quality quarter-turn ball valves
  • ¾" male hose-thread outlet connections

Product Specification:

Sioux Chief 696 series OxBox™ outlet box shall be used where necessary in plumbing supply/drainage systems. Unit shall allow for mounting with supply lines from top or bottom, on-stud or between-studs. Supply and drain boxes can be connected using provided galvanized U-Clip or separated as desired. Supply box can be inverted. Arrester variations can be installed with arresters at any angle. Unit shall be available with ¼-turn valves. Metal support bracket shall install into top/bottom tracks of box. Drain box shall have a ⅝" integral testable nipple on knockout. Outlet connections shall be generally ¾". Outlet connections should generally be provided with a test/tamper-resistant cap. Valves should be plated. Arrester option handles can be operated together (single throw) or independently.


  • Valve Body: forged brass
  • Valve Shank: brass/copper/PPSU/CPVC, 304SS grip ring, Brass nut, Silicone seal
  • Outlet Boxes/Frame/Arrester Clip: ABS
  • Arrester Body: stainless steel, C69300 NL brass
  • Arrester Piston: GFPP with EPDM o-rings
  • Bracket/Box Clip: galvanized steel

Technical Downloads:


Sioux Chief Products - OxBox:

Sioux Chief Products - MiniRester:

Sioux Chief Products - OxBox Animation:

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