Emerson 5D51-78 Series Fan & Limit Control

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Emerson 5D51-78 Series Fan & Limit Control

Emerson 5D51-78 Series Fan & Limit Control


  • Summer fan switch for ventilation without changing control settings. Has same fan and limit switch mechanism
  • Dial has individual pointers for fan cut-in and cut-out settings.
  • Removable solid copper jumper between fan and limit switches
  • Long terminal screws for wiring. Junctions can be made on terminal block
  • Slotted mounting holes for easy installation.


  • Length - 11” Element
  • Temperature Range - Fan - 50 to 265°F (10 to 129°C)
  • Differential - Fan-Adjustable 15°F minimum Limit-Fixed 25°F
  • Switch Action - Fan-Close on Rise Limit-Open on Rise
  • Amperage - Fan Circuit 5.6 FLA at 24 Vac, 14.0 FLA at 120 Vac, 7.0 FLA at 240, Limit 6.0 FLA at 24 Vac, 10.0 FLA at 120 Vac, 6.0 FLA 240
  • Overall Dimensions - 4.3”H X 2.9”W X 1.6”D (Case)
  • Approvals - U.L. listed and C.S.A. approved



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