Emerson 36J27-554 36G-36J Series Gas Valves

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Emerson 36J27-554 36G-36J Series Gas Valves

Emerson 36J27-554 36G-36J Series Gas Valves


  • Designed for Hot Surface and Direct Spark Ignition systems and features a compact footprint and versatile range
  • Slow open, modulating models.
  • Electric on-off switch and convenient quick connect coil terminals and built-in pressure taps
  • Tamper resistant screws and controlled gasket compression to withstand high inlet pressures
  • Mounts in any position including upside down
  • CSA approved


  • Voltage - 24 Vac 50/60Hz
  • Opening Style- Modulating
  • Pipe Size
  • Regulator Setting - 3.5”
  • Regulator Adjustment Range - 0.4”-4.0”, Nat. Gas
  • Regulator Adjustment Range - 1.3”-11.5”, LP Gas
  • LP Conversion Kit Included - Yes
  • Reducer Bushing Kit - Yes
  • Flow Direction - Straight Through
  • Side Taps - No
  • Inlet/Outlet Pressure Tap - Yes/Yes
  • Standing Pilot with Line Interrupter - No
  • HSI/DSI - Yes
  • Intermittent/Proven Pilot - No




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