Cinier Minimal Bath Towel Warmer & Radiator in Olycal Stone

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Cinier Minimal Bath Towel Warmer & Radiator in Olycal Stone. Environmentally friendly and high-end French design.  Designed by Michel Cinier.  

Size Option 1: 51-1/4" H x 19-3/4" L [130cm x 50cm].  

  • Electric Option Provides 650 Watts
  • Hydronic Option Provides 635 Watts @ 180 Degree Incoming Water Temperature

Size Option 2: 59" H x 19-3/4" L [150cm x 50cm].  

  • Electric Option Provides 750 Watts
  • Hydronic Option Provides 732 Watts @ 180 Degree Incoming Water Temperature


Please select desired color from chart when ordering.  Colors displayed are best representation only based on the resolution of your viewing monitor.


Specialized in the design & the manufacturing of contemporary radiators, CINIER products lines are characterized by a very high level of craftsmanship and design making the CINIER company the industry leader in the Art of Heating.

Technical excellence, comfort and style are the values of the family owned company since 1975. Each radiator is a piece of art where one can appreciate the hand done patina completed in the CINIER workshops. The technology developed by CINIER offers an exceptional heating comfort making their products lines the most energy efficient heating systems in the market place.

Being surrounded by beauty is a way of living. Everyone has his vision. The most important thing is to make sense.

In 1990, Atelier CINIER invented the first radiator sculpture. Since then the company has been creating and manufacturing radiators as true works of art in its workshops in France.

An eco-friendly material: CINIER radiators are crafted in Olycal stone: a natural stone brought from the Pyrenees, crushed and restructured to the highest quality, in the CINIER workshops.

Technical excellence and exceptional comfort: Olycal has similar properties to cast iron: it generates matchless radiant heat and provides exceptional heating comfort.

In its hot water version, the made-to-measure heating element of each radiator is crafted in tubes of corrosion resistant and expansion resistant copper, a unique superior metal in terms of its performance in providing heat conduction and comfort. In its electric version, the heating element is composed of a heating cable, triple insulated for stability and age-resistance.

All products are hand finished with natural pigments. All materials selected and used are environmentally friendly and handled with the utmost care in the Cinier workshops.

Energy efficient: The large surface and unique radiance of the Olycal stone allow greater comfort and high energy efficiency. A very precise electronic control optimizes consumption to the nearest degree.

Made individually and with passion, every CINIER radiator brings a little of its history and beauty into places where architecture wants to meet modern design.

Technical Documentation:

Cinier Olycal Stone Radiators and Tower Warmers Brochure (English and French): Click Here.

Cinier Olycal Stone Radiators and Tower Warmers Pigment and Color Chart (English and French): Click Here.

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To convert WATTS to BTU, multiply WATTS by 3.415.

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