Blu Bathworks PT7001 Electronica Wall-Mount Digital Faucet Mixer

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Blu Bathworks PT7001 Electronica Wall-Mount Digital Faucet Mixer

Blu Bathworks PT7001 Electronica Wall-Mount Digital Faucet Mixer


Create your own unique bathroom sink faucet feature with this innovative modular wall-mount digital control, which can also be mounted on the side of your vanity.

Coordinate with preferred spout length and style, including:

  • pure·2 7" or 9-3/4" wall-mount basin spout with round trim
  • opus·2 7" or 9-3/4" wall-mount basin spout with square trim

Features & Benefits:

  • Wall-mount one outlet electronica controller (non-thermostatic).
  • Single control to interface with individual basin spouts.
  • Kit includes: single control wheel fit-out set for in-wall box with round trim plate .controller unit in-wall box for controller unit.
  • Installed kit controls temperature + volume.
  • Touch control allows for easy on/off, with LED-light ring providing a visual temperature indicator.
  • Three individualized presets that allow for quick access to desired temperatures.
  • Cleaning mode allows you to temporarily switch off electronic components for easy & safe cleaning.
  • Requires UNO electronica basin control mixer TEE015.

Engineering Specifications:

Wheel: Ø1¾" x e" (44mm x 10mm)
Round Trim: Ø2¼" x 5" (55mm x 5mm)
Distance: 4ft (1.2m) Max from control Mixer
Warranty: Limited lifetime tapware warranty (residential)
Five year electronic part warranty (residential)
One year warranty (commercial)
Material: Wheel/trim: brass/chrome plated; plastic components.

Accessories (sold separately):


Products must be installed by certified professionals only and according to our installation guide as well as federal, provincial/state and local building codes and regulations. Installation must allow for future access to control box for maintenance purposes. This work must be carried out in accordance with the regulations IEC 364-7-701-1984 (corresponding to VDE 0100 Part 701) as well as all national local regulations. Any electrical installation work must only be performed by a qualified electrician.

Safety Notes:

  • Prevent danger resulting from damaged power supply cables. In the case of damage, the power supply cable must be replaced by the manufacturer or his customer service department or an equally qualified person.
  • Installation is only possible in frost-free rooms. The optional power supply unit is only suitable for indoor use.
  • The plug-in connectors must not be directly or indirectly sprayed with water when cleaning.
  • The voltage supply must be separately switchable.
  • The maximum permissible distance between the electronic controller and the functional unit is 4 feet (1.2m) (47").
  • If the static pressure exceeds (72.5 psi), a pressure reducing valve must be fitted.

Codes / Standard Applicable:

  • Meets or exceeds ANSI / ASME standard A112.18.1 and CAN / CSA B125.1-05 requirements.

Technical Documentation:

Blu Bathworks PT7001 Electronica Specification Submittal: Click Here.

Blu Bathworks PT7001 Electronica Installation Instructions: Click Here.

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